Stardust Bohemian is a small business entirely handmade by the
owner & designer Sera Stardust @StardustBohemian ✨

The quote “Be Humble for you are Made of the Earth, and Be Noble for you are made of the Stars.”  Is a Serbian Proverb that has helped to inspired my bohemian lifestyle and designs. I think that it is important to stay grounded and grateful, always.

I am self taught when it comes to my bohemian fashion styling and creating my designs.  But I do also have a background of experience from attending & graduating from the Fashion Technology Program at Honolulu Community College (HCC).

The  messages I want to convey with my brand is to: 
1. Always Express Yourself 🦋
I express myself daily through my fashion choices and art I create.  This self expression is a necessary part of what keeps me happy & fulfilled. This feeling I get is something that I want for every one to experience.  

2. Believe in Magic 
Come alive with the magic you feel in the air.  Believe in the impossible and never "grow up".  Live your life in a way that you don't forget about the beauty surrounding you.

& 3. Stray away from "Normal" 🌈 
You are unique.  You are incredible.  Don't dull your shine. 
Live your life the way you want to. Follow your bliss.

x Sera

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