Care Instructions

⭐️ We recommend to hand wash the garments separately & hang dry.

⭐️ Fabric batches we receive may possibly contain extra
dye pigment that can bleed into the water when washing.  

 This can stain other lighter clothes when washing together.
So as a precaution we recommend hand washing separately!

⭐️ Do not iron Velvet! if you must use a steamer.

⭐️ Do not use bleach on our garments.

This is how Sera washes her personal SB designs:

 ⭐️ 1) I fill up my bathroom sink half way with water.
(or you can use a bucket if you don't want to risk staining your sink)

⭐️ 2) I personally use Dr. Bronners soap in lavender and put a few drops into the
water, and directly where garment needs to be cleaned the most.
(You can use your preferred washing soap.)

⭐️ 3) Rub the fabric together to gently scrub the soap into the material.

⭐️ 4) Let the garment sit in the water and soak for a bit.

⭐️ 5) Drain the dirty water and rinse the garment in clean water.

⭐️ 6) Gently wring it out & then hang it to dry 💜