Count Your Blessings Earrings in Gold
Count Your Blessings Earrings in Gold
Count Your Blessings Earrings in Gold
Stardust Bohemian

Count Your Blessings Earrings in Gold

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šŸŒŸCount Your BlessingsšŸŒŸ
I am so happy to introduce my firstĀ earring set to you all!Ā  This design is one I was excited about because I love wearing dangle-y earrings!Ā  Combine that with stars and moons and I have designed a pair that I always want to wear.Ā 
They are called the "count your blessings" earrings because I wanted to make a piece of jewelry that would be a token to remind you of just that- to count your blessings and remember how grateful you should be for the many blessings you have in your life.

So I hope when you wear these earrings to a festival, photoshoot, or even out shopping you remember to be joyful in your blessed beautiful life.

These earrings featuresĀ two layers of half solid hoops, chains, and it is all covered in dainty stars. One side features a crescent moon charm and the other a large star!Ā  The top has an earring hook for you to wear comfortably.Ā  Each pair comes with a soft rubber backing.

-These earrings are a gold color, but note that it is not made from real gold.
-The metal is zinc alloy (environmental)
-And it's platingĀ is free of any lead, nickel, or cadmium.

-notes from the designer-
I personally have really sensitive skin and did a wear test on this.Ā  I personally did not have any skin issues as I have had with other non-sterling silver metals.Ā  So as someone who wears this everyday I personally recommend it.Ā  The plaiting color also does not easily rub off. (I have done personal testing for months).Ā 

But please keep this away from water, sweat, and be gentle with it. This way it can stay in its best condition, by treating it with gentle care.šŸ’–

This item is not handmade by me, I found a fair-trade manufacturer.Ā  But it is an originally madeĀ earring set that I designed.Ā 

šŸŒŸLimited run on this style! Get it while you can!Ā  šŸŒŸ


*This listing is for only one pair or earrings. Please see other listings to purchaseĀ necklace or top.

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